What do you do when you suddenly fall in love with someone who will never love you back? Write a poem about it! 
Valeran Lothaniel presents: A Contemporary Prayer

The Covid19 Pandemic has left many of us house bound, and I've been thinking about the different views that people have out their home windows. This piece was inspired by Klaus Biesenbach's #Window23 series and my desire to visit museums again. 
Valeran Lothaniel presents: Dreaming of Window23

First time at an Open Mic reading a poem from my upcoming anthology "Land of A Thousand Rainbows"
Valeran Lothaniel presents: Event Horizon

Reading a poem from my upcoming anthology "Land of A Thousand Rainbows" at Sunday Jump.
Valeran Lothaniel presents: Hungry

A reading of a poem of loves lost through painful truths, using augment reality to materialize flowers created by artist Tahnee Gehm.
Valeran Lothaniel presents: DAISIES

This year I've had to cancel all of my birthday plans and spend it by myself at home.
Valeran Lothaniel presents: Happy Birthday to Me 2020

Valeran Lothaniel presents: The Words of the Other Mother 
My first ex fiancé's mother was dying of brain cancer. When she died, I learned that my ex fiancé’s step-mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. This other mother, Sara el Hassani, wrote a blog documenting the progression of her sickness, and I was able to follow her graceful and dignified journey to death. 
Here I recite some of Sara’s final words:
September Song 2015 – for Lloyd by Sara el Hassani 

A video art piece over a reading of a short written work about growing up with unattainable beauty standards.
Valeran Lothaniel presents: TOMATO

A Kusama room for The Reptile 
15 in X 11 In X 8.5 in. 
Yellow Acrylic Paint, Black Permanent Marker, Apple, Cardboard. 4/7/2020

We project a lot of ourselves onto our pets, and during the 2020 Pandemic period of self-isolation it was difficult for me to reconcile the fact that I could no longer physically be around grand works of art. Thus I was inspired to create a shoe box sized art experience for my pet lizard so that at the very least he would experience being immersed in art while I could not. Inspired by the works of Yayoi Kusama.

 Portrait of Leonilla, Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn (Valeran Lothaniel)
 Fabric Scraps, Costume Jewelry, Silk Flowers, 2020 Census Form. 4/1/2020

During the period of self-isolation, the Getty Museum challenged people to recreate works of art in their collection using three items that they have in their homes. My favorite painting at the Getty Museum was that of Princess Leonilla, whose unassailable social position allowed her to be depicted in a sensual pose. I did my best to recreate the painting using shawls, curtains and scrap fabric, silk flowers, costume jewelry, and a 2020 Census form that I folded up into a fan.

If you have 41 Minutes to spare, take a listen to my interview with WILDsound, where I discuss in detail how and why I wrote THE MANDALORIAN Season 3, Episode 1 Spec Script, which won top prize at the Fan Fiction Film Festival, and talk about my ideas for future episodes of Season 3. 

Mother Of Pearl - Visual Poem (Valeran Lothaniel)
 Made with footage shot in Honolulu, HI, Sept. 2016

This poem was inspired by a moment of bliss I felt when swimming in a sea of sadness.

Still life in an Art Gallery - 2016

My first experiment in moving still life.


My film school thesis!