Who I am
I am Valeran Lothaniel. 
Born on a calm and pleasant winter's day, I am the narrator and chronicler of the world Galari, a fantasy realm created to exist in parallel to the world where you live now. In Galari my words bring to life the legends of gods and the tribulations of extraordinary mortals, and my musings are born as commentary and narration to your physical world. 
I have existed and drifted aimlessly in the darkness of your world for many uncountable years - observing, recounting and documenting in secret. Occasionally I would surface, leaving my name and my mark on some short story, some scintillating critique, some vague work of art. This is how I lived, until a heartbreaking and soul-shattering encounter with a mythical sonic being compelled me to finally take physical form in your world.
As an artist, I seek to celebrate my existence through the multi-disciplines of spoken word, lyrical poetry, photography and moving images. Here in my parallel world Galari, I find my Prince Charming, I see my hopes and dreams realized, my unrequited love reciprocated, my immigrant experiences acknowledged. My work examines the everyday fantasies I build as escapes from the harsh realities of your physical world. By examining and unearthing such emotions through art, I hope to facilitate learning and healing of not just myself, but of everyone who has found themselves existing in a world parallel to their own reality. ​​​​​​​